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Applications for 2023-2024 School Year

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Action Youth America (AYA)
After School Handbook

Victor Valley Union High School District is in partnership with Action Youth America (AYA), parents and the community, to build the capacity of students to succeed academically and socially. The goal of this program is to provide a safe and enrichment environment for all students. As such, we have outlined expectations below to ensure the safety of our students and functionality of the program. Please keep in mind that participation in the AYA program is a privilege and if the below outlined procedures and expectations are not followed by both parent(s) and student(s), the students may be dismissed.  AYA begins right after‐school and runs until 6pm every night. AYA is in session as long as school is in session. We follow VVUHSD's inclement weather policy and will cancel or end AYA early if the conditions are not safe.



Enrollment is open for 7th and 8th grade students. There are a limited number of spaces. Per grant requirement, youth that are deemed foster or homeless have a priority. Students who register after program capacity is reached will be placed on a waiting list. Students are not enrolled until a completed application is submitted and the student has been notified of acceptance.


  • Priority is given to those with consistent program attendance. Students who do not attend the program regularly may be dismissed and parents must request that their student be reinstated back into the program. Reinstatement is based upon program staffing, available space, and the student’s AYA record conduct.
  • If your student’s attendance falls below 48% your student will be dropped from the AYA program. You will receive notification of this decision.
  • If your student’s attendance falls between 48‐69%, students will be placed on attendance probation. If students are on probation for 3 consecutive months, he/she will be released from the program.
  • Students who are absent for three consecutive days without notice from the parent will be dismissed from the program.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate absences with AYA staff. Please refer to the Early Release Policy for acceptable reasons for your student to be absent from the program.


  • Participation in AYA is a PRIVILEGE. While participating in AYA students are to:
    • Follow school rules, as laid out in the school’s handbook.
    • Sign in to the AYA program immediately after the school day. The program will not be responsible for students who do not sign in immediately after‐school.
    • Students may not leave campus for any reason, they will not be allowed back on campus for the day. Be in their assigned class, OR the tutoring/computer lab/club that they have signed out to.
    • ***Students MAY NOT be roaming around campus OR participate in unsupervised activities while in AYA, this will result in immediate dismissal.
    • Do homework during the assigned homework hour.
    • Participate in all activities.
    • Take responsibility for their academics. Academics come first. This means that although participation is a requirement, if the student has homework he/she should do that BEFORE participating in any extra activity.
    • We encourage parents/guardians to discuss concerns with the Site Director.

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