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Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes

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The Cornell note taking system was invented in the 1950’s by Walter Pauk who was an education professor at Cornell University. Cornell University summarizes the method of using these notes most effectively this way:


  1. Record. Take brief notes during your class session.

  2. Questions. As soon after class as possible, formulate questions based on the notes. The writing of questions is used to study for exams later.

  3. Reflect. Reflect on the material by asking yourself questions, for example: “What’s the significance of these facts? What principle are they based on? How can I apply them? How do they fit in with what I already know? What’s beyond them?

  4. Review. Spend at least ten minutes every week reviewing all your previous notes. If you do, you’ll retain a great deal for current use, as well as, for the exam.


Cornell Notes: