Hook Junior High School participates in the High Desert Athletic League (H.D.A.L.).
The teams compete against all the schools in the VVUHSD district, along with several schools from Hesperia Unified School District, the Snowline Joint Unified School District and Adelanto Elementary(K-8) School District.

Sports Include: Wrestling, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Track & Field

To join a team and tryout - download, print and complete the Sport's Packet file located below.

Download----->  Hook Jr. High School Sports Packet<-----Download

Please return the completed form to the front office prior to tryouts.

You must include the following items for eligibility to try-out:
1.  Your Sport's Packet must be fully completed,
2.  The physical form on page 7, must be completed and signed by your student's doctor. Page 7 can also be completed by any other doctors about to compete physical forms (See below for local doctor's office suggestions).
3.  You must have a GPA of 2.0(C Average) or higher with no more than one failing grade.  
     Fall sports eligibility will be based on the previous year's grades.  

4. You may not owe any fines or have any outstanding library books. 


Participation in athletics at Hook Junior High School means more than competition between
individuals or teams representing different junior high schools. It teaches fair play and
sportsmanship, understanding and appreciation of teamwork. It teaches that to quit means
failure, while to work hard means success.

Participation on an athletic team is a privilege that is extended to every student who is eligible under regulations set up by the High Desert Athletic League, State ClF, Hook Junior High School and the Victor Valley Union High School District. With every privilege goes responsibility. The conduct of a Hook Junior High School athlete is closely observed by many people. An athlete is a representative of a team, the school and the community. It is important, therefore, that a Hook athlete be at all times and all places, a gentleman or lady. Any situation not specifically covered in the code will be referred to the school administration. The following rules, indicative of the school's philosophy, are in effect during the school year.





First page of the PDF file: AthleticsInformation-1